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Practice is habitually repeating the same action or motion until something becomes second nature. It is the training ground where professional athletes and musicians fine-tune their skills. Few people achieve greatness or master their craft without consistent repetition. For the Christian, godliness is much the same. In Godly Practice, Brandon J. Favors Sr. takes you on a journey into the grind of holy living and its priceless rewards. Through the lens of Scripture, this stellar work will encourage you to crave the purity of the word of God as it instructs your heart in spiritual matters.
Godly Practice is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to dive deeper into the Christian faith individually, a church bible study, or with your favorite group of friends. In this book, Brandon will help you:

  • understand the need for God's word
  • appreciate the power of prayer
  • walk with God humbly

In a world with unholy values, it is necessary to discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness. Though physical training has some value, spiritual training is beneficial for all things since it holds promise for the present life and also for th

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